The 'Associação de Estudantes Instituto Superior de Estatística e Gestão de Informação' (AEISEGI) was born in February 25th of 1994. By the end of 2014, it suffered a rebranding and in nowadays we call it NOVA Information Management School Students' Union (NOVA IMS SU). NOVA IMS SU its the associative structure that represents the students from NOVA IMS, participating in the defense of their rights and actively responding to their needs. We represent about 1500 students from bachelor, masters and doctoral programs and we work daily to make sure we answer the needs of our members in areas such as social action, sports, culture, academic traditions and recreational activities. In nowadays, we are an associative structure of prestige not only in Lisbon, but in the all country, participating actively in the discussion of educational politics and giving a solution to problems that affects the university students.
NOVA IMS SU is represented in the main federative structures of Lisbon such as Associação Académica de Lisboa (AAL) and Associação do Desporto do Ensino Superior de Lisboa (ADESL) and in national structures such as Federação Académica do Desporto Universitário (FADU).


The NOVA Information Management School Students’ Union team gives you a warm welcome to NOVA IMS!

NOVA IMS is a school of reference in areas such as Management and Information Technology, not only on a nacional level as on an international scale. We believe that you’ve made the right choice by choosing an institute that not only presents you facts that prove it’s success, but also that puts their effort in a quality and excellence education. NOVA IMS Students’ Union is the entity responsible for invigorate the academic community and defends our students best interests. We have an active intervention on a pedagogical area inside the academic community, promote the sports practice, recreational and cultural activities and also we search to have an external representation through the main federal structures.

We’ve prepared for you and exceptional year where our main objectives is to gather even more the academy and promote the integration spirit, not only in the midst of our portuguese freshman but also in the midst of our foreign students. Through pedagogical discussion of the institute, we will contribute to bring the working market closer to our students and enrich their academic formation with extracurricular units.

Here a new phase of your academic formation will start and we will be by your side to make this year one of the best years of your life!

The President,
Pedro Urbano